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    3. ABOUT US
      Go into Xin Peng

      Understand Xin Peng

      Jiangsu Xinpeng Jiahe Construction Technology Co., Ltd., formerly known as Jiangsu Xinpeng Construction Technology Co., Ltd., is a large-scale enterprise integrating the design, manufacturing and installation of steel structure, grid frame, color plate, C-shaped steel, curtain wall and lighting aluminum-plastic doors and windows. The company officially change…

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      • 2002year


      • 110Mu


      • 200Block


      • 1580name


      Colleagues with the Xin Peng construction technology
      We are a large enterprise based on the design, manufacture and installation of steel structure, grid, color plate, C steel, curtain wall and lighting aluminum plastic doors and windows.
      Join us

      Copyright :Jiangsu Xin Peng Construction Technology Co., Ltd.

      Design and manufacture:Winsharing
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